Lay off your prefrontal cortex-mediated executive attentional system and get outside. 

Whether it’s the constant pings of a phone, computers barking email alerts, or meetings about future meetings, we’re bombarded throughout the workday. Modern work lives are hectic, constantly shifting our attention and priorities. Our brains have a hard time keeping up. The chaos drains our noggins—or the prefrontal cortex-mediated executive attentional system, for you anatomy nerds. This makes multi-tasking and problem solving more difficult. That’s no small issue, especially when your job requires daily creativity and critical problem-solving. So, what to do?

Turns out nature might be the best prescription for an overworked noodle. Exposure to the outdoors without technology is not only restorative, but can increase creativity and critical problem-solving performance. That’s right: playing outside is good for your mind, body and job. It’s time to consider a break from technology and the workplace as a necessary form of professional recovery and growth.

It’s no surprise, then, that most companies that kick ass in the creative sphere also consider employee happiness and mental health a top priority. Check out any list showcasing the country’s best places to work. You’ll see high-performing companies that get creative with employee benefits, events and entertainment. Getting employees outdoors and unplugged is part and parcel of success.

Leave the technology at home. Take that kayak trip, visit the national park you’ve always dreamt about, or just get out to the local park for an afternoon hike. You and your boss might like the result. Need sources to convince management? We’ve got you covered! Check out “Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings” by Ruth Ann Atchley, David Strayer and Paul Atchley, as well as the “Best Places to Work: 2016” by Outside Magazine.

Creativity Outdoors:
The Moose prefers the woods.

Looks like this research may be onto something. After all, Jim enjoys woodworking, Jen goes climbing, and Jesse basically lives in hiking boots. You could definitely say our team is inspired by the outdoors. Get to know us! 


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