You’re opening a café, and you need a logo, STAT. There’s just so much to think about…color, typography, layout, etc. Where does one start in the logo development process? Well, the image, of course. After a thirty second search, you find a coffee mug icon that seems to work.

But wait a second – you begin to realize you’ve seen this before. It’s suspiciously similar to the sign above Gloria Jean’s Coffees down the road. The stock image world has a bottom, and you’ve found it.

Unfortunately, failure to strategize brand identity during the logo development process results in unoriginal, and therefore unmemorable, designs. Worse yet, it results in a logo that isn’t really a representation of you or your vision.

Define Your Brand Before Logo Development

Before diving into the artistic elements of logo design, take a few steps back. A logo is more than an image, after all; it’s the visual cornerstone of your brand.  So, then, how does one begin to take a logo concept from blah to blawesome?

At the Moose, we like to start with you. This is what really drives the creative force behind our logo design process. Prior to even considering iconography, think:

  • What’s your vision for your business?
  • How do you want your audience to feel when they see your brand for the first time?
  • What’s the personal story behind your business idea?

Perhaps the answers to these questions lead our team to understand you identify as an alternative, artsy type, and you want your coffee shop brand to emanate a punk-rock vibe.  With this knowledge, we could then draw inspiration from, for example, this awesome artwork by Aleks Shcherbakov:

Now that’s something we haven’t seen before!

Our goal is to develop a logo that not only represents your product or service, but also represents you and your vision. In the end, this is what will make your brand memorable and authentic.

In need of a unique, effective logo? We’re all about brewing up ideas. Give us a shout…after your morning coffee, of course.


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