It’s the age old business question. As a company, how do you get attention in a crowd?

And not just get briefly noticed, but really make a “splash.” That was the thinking behind our most recent Moose project: the Poo Poster Campaign. Read on to see how we successfully got people talking about the Moose with our most recent marketing stunt.

The Internet Summit is one of our yearly shindigs. It’s a great chance to hone digital skills and, more importantly for us, a great place to rub shoulders with potential partners. We’d sponsored a booth for years, and we were planning on doing it again. Problem was, we just weren’t feeling it this time. In the past, the payoff of a booth had been marginal at best.

We figured as a creative agency, it was time to get creative. We decided to take a step back and reexamine our strategy and vision. We started with stating the goal: provoke as many eyeballs as possible and inspire a response. The challenge? Getting marketers to pay attention to a marketing company…at a marketing convention.

the idea

It’s challenging to get an entire audience to take notice, but we thought we’d try anyway. What would everyone at the conference have in common? Our brainstorming yielded an obvious answer. Doodie. That’s right, we went there. Unless a great deal of people were a black belt at holding it in, we figured everyone would use the toilet at a three day conference…multiple times, even.

Thank goodness for biological functions, right?

Now that we knew the “where,” we needed a “what.” Our brainstorming led us down a rabbit hole of contemporary cultural shorthand. Emojis. And what emoji does everyone love? The poo emoji. See where we’re going with this? It was the perfect opportunity to incorporate fun social media aspects into our campaign strategy. After all, nearly everyone has their phone on hand in the bathroom nowadays.

Theme: iPooped @ ISUM17 meets #thinkoutsidethestall. Boom. We ran our “alternative” sponsorship idea past the Internet Summit folks. They laughed, loved it, approved it.

The plan quickly took form. Think multiple versions of pun-filled posters, all at eye level of every urinal and stall. Signage on the bathroom walls with “iPooped” peppermint patties next to every faucet. You get the picture.

the results

This was a risky idea, but we owned it…and it was a total hit. Almost instantly, we heard giggles echoing throughout the bathrooms. Peppermint poo patties were being shoved into purses and pockets. We made sure the Moose team was easy to identify at the show with our matching Moose potty shirts. Throughout the three-day conference, people noticed the t-shirts and came up to chat about our campaign. Rather than trying to draw people to a booth, we simply roamed around and let people come to us – and it worked!

We also tracked response with digital analytics and our hashtag: #thinkoutsidethestall. While there was an increase in engagement across all our online platforms, we noticed the biggest response on Twitter and our website (we received a good amount of traffic through our campaign’s custom landing page). Most importantly, we successfully gained several partners and clients through our marketing efforts.

Chartreuse Moose Internet Summit ISUM17 Twitter Campaign

Twitter: 76% increase in impressions, 1200% increase in mentions and 267% increase in new followers.


Chartreuse Moose Internet Summit website campaign statistics

Website: 940% increase in users, 88% increase in sessions and 85% decrease in bounce rate.


Check out what people were saying about our bathroom sponsorship during Internet Summit ’17:


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