We’re not proud to admit this, but we’ve all been there, making instantaneous, roughly-calculated judgments about a person based on a myriad of factors: dress, appearance, social ability, etc. That doesn’t make it okay, but the truth is that humans use past experiences, stereotypes and associations to build our dreaded – and often erroneous and ridiculous – first impressions. Not only that, we build these impressions quickly. Often, it’s only a matter of seconds, while some psychologists would argue it’s far less than one second.

So, how do first impressions translate to your branding and company design?

Sorry marketers, but consumers make first impressions about brands and creative quicker than they do about people. In the digital world, you have about 50 milliseconds. That’s 0.05 seconds. Yep, you read that right…deep breaths…need a paper bag? We would wager that it’s not too different for other types of creative as well. Think overall branding, trade show structures and print collateral. It’s not fair, but that’s what we’re working with when it comes to customer first impressions.

For our occasional charm, humans have an uncanny tendency to make cold, calculating judgments in the blink of an eye. These judgments are based on preconceptions and visual appeal. Is your brand making the impression you want? It’s in your best interest to make sure that the creative you’re putting out in the marketplace truly reflects who you are as an organization. There is no time for consumers to connect the dots; they’ve already moved on. If you need creative help, let’s chat.


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