A well-executed marketing stunt can be a valuable tool for any company, especially with today’s lightning fast social media connectedness. When one Facebook share can quickly turn into thousands, there’s more of an incentive than ever for marketing teams to crank up the creativity for those sweet, sweet views. Here’s a few of our favorite innovative marketing stunts from this year to help get the juices flowing!

1. “Fearless Girl”

In recognition of International Women’s Day, sculptor Kristen Visbal dropped a bronze statue of a girl triumphantly facing Wall Street’s famous “Charging Bull” statue. What started as an advertising stunt quickly escalated to be an iconic symbol of women’s rising power in the workforce.

Photo: Federica Valabrega

2. I Screen, You Screen

Thinkmodo, a marketing agency known for viral video campaigns, pulled off yet another amusing prank in January while promoting the latest film of The Ring franchise, Rings. Its terrifying efforts were certainly effective, gaining over 8 million Youtube views of the prank video to date.

3. Don Folden, Signing Off

While some may consider the Comey-Trump scandal just another gust in a political storm, former D.C. Mayoral Candidate Don Folden viewed the news cameras as a perfect opportunity to gain free publicity for his Black History tour business. Quickly grabbing the sign handily kept in the back of his car, Folden found a simple but genius opportunity to be included in the headlines.

4. Brewdog is Punk

In an overwhelming call for individuality, Britain beer brand BrewDog arranged a massive photoshoot of its supporters, dubbed Equity Punks, and proceeded to distribute thousands of posters with instructions to fly post the images anywhere and everywhere. Though criticized for the possibility of illegal placement of the vinyl posters, this risk seems to perfectly embody the “break the rules” spirit BrewDog wants to portray in its brand.

5. Snapchat Makes a Spectacle 

This year, Snapchat released a new technology called Spectacles. These camera-enabled glasses ($129 a piece, mind you) are dispensed from a bright yellow vending machine called the Snapbot, which has been popping up randomly all over the world. Silly idea? Think again – Snapbot’s limited supply sells out at every location.

6. Lorde Shines a Green Light on Auckland

Back in February, Lorde challenged New Zealand residents to a scavenger hunt around Auckland to find clues about her upcoming album, Melodrama. Apparently, she was well aware of what the album’s biggest hit would be. The clues were released at night to emphasize the unique, green-lit imagery.


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