We've done the big agency thing.

We took that hard-earned creative and marketing experience with us, and made the conscious decision to pour our souls into a small creative services agency. Why? Because we can execute to the highest standards of creativity and deliver consistent high-level strategic marketing support without the added expense and red-tape of a big agency. It’s better for our partners and more fun for us. Want an agency that is quick on its feet, can act as your marketing department, or plug right into your existing marketing team without hassle? Look no further.

Chartreuse Moose marketing meeting at our Downtown Raleigh office
Jesse Hall Chartreuse Moose account director
We’re storytellers at heart. We love distilling the complexities of a vision, message and reality into one design narrative. It’s a wild and rewarding process. But more importantly, we love working with the folks behind each story, figuring out creative strategies to answer a need or solve a challenge.
Jesse HallAccount Director
Jim Hickman Chartreuse Head Moose president creative director
When you go out and get a job, you’re given a title and with that an idea about what your value is to that company. I created the Moose to do the opposite. We want you to come here and tell us what you value so we can create a job around it.
Jim HickmanFounder, Creative
Jennifer Asciutto Chartreuse Moose outreach content strategist coordinator
The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is staying true to myself, which often means taking risks, ignoring popular advice, and relying on gut instinct. For me, that’s where happiness comes from, and where the most valuable ideas come from.
Jennifer AsciuttoOutreach & Development Coordinator

Try us on for size.

We think you’ll be happy. We’re a fun-loving, curious mix of people that enjoy creating, designing, building, growing, and learning. We have a no-ego policy. Everyone contributes to the creative process and every role is integral to success. We don’t take ourselves too serious and we never forget to have a good time. We’ve learned that if you enjoy what you do and the people you do it with, you’re more likely to produce creative ideas and craft beautiful work.


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